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A3 photocopiers & multifunction printers are machines which can print on paper up to A3 size, as well as smaller sizes, such as standard A4 and A5 paper.

The A3 paper size is a worldwide standard and has the following measurements:

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A3 Photocopiers & Multifunction Printers

420 mm
297 mm
(Metric system, mm = millimeters)
Having capability to print and copy onto A3 paper gives you benefits such as the ability to not only enlarge copies but also to print A4 booklets for example. If your machine has booklet mode, which most A3 copiers now have, it will print your A4 pages correctly as 2 pages per side on an A3 sheet of paper, which you can then manually fold into a booklet and staple. If your machine has a saddle stitch/folding capability, which comes as an option with certain models, you can print fully automated booklets which come out folded and stapled, a great option for many applications.
English system, in. = inches)
16.54 in.
11.69 in.
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