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CopierChoice is Australia's only vendor independent business dedicated to business copier, multifunction & printer buyers.

Why use CopierChoice?
CopierChoice simplifies the copier buying process. A business copier, which today is not just a copier but almost exclusively a digital multifunction device that can copy, print, scan, fax, email, store information and more, can be a major purchase for a business. Copierchoice provides resources to obtain multiple quotes and compare photocopier prices. We make buying, renting or leasing a copier, printer or multifunction device as easy as 1-2-3...  
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Benefits for Buyers
Get up to 3 quotes from qualified dealers and compare photocopier prices and service. No need to search for and call them separately; registered dealers in our national network will contact YOU! They will know exactly what you want, will know that you are serious and will contact you quickly to provide competitive price quotes to try and earn your business.

In addition to providing our easy quote request service, we also provide:

Benefits for Copier Suppliers
Through our quote request service, our registered (and always expanding) network of copier dealers around Australia receive these quote requests and this makes finding potential new customers for them a lot easier, cheaper and faster.

Please note: 
Copier Choice is aimed at the business buyer. providing a quote request service for business copiers, printers & multifunction devices only. These devices generally start at around $1,500 upwards to $20,000+ for high speed, high quality digital colour multifunctions and even higher for production copiers and printers.

If you are looking to buy a copier, printer or multifunction device for home, or home office and your budget is below $1,000, our dealers generally do not quote these devices, as they are typically purchased in retail stores or online.
About CopierChoice
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Main photocopier and multifunction printer brands in Australia
CopierChoice provide Photocopier & Multifunction quotes for all major brands sold in Australia, including:
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